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This once was the dream of the charming and flighty heroine Marilyn Monroe, singing happily, that "diamonds - a girl's best friends”. Probably you thought to yourself: "I wish I could meet a rich husband ..."
And, in fact - is it a not so good idea to find out to how to live a truly wealthy life? Forget about overcrowded buses and crowds on the subway, live in an apartment with the ever-flowing taps, at work have to deal with impolite bosses, and most importantly, this everlasting lack of money, and ever counts - if you go on vacation, there will not be enough money to renovate the apartment, if you make renovation, you will not have a vacation. I will not further describe the realities of an unfortunate life, all people know that better. Of course, happiness is not money, but when there is lack of money the life is really not easy.
Poverty deprives people not only those or other consumption possibilities (to hell with it, with the consumption of) – it offend to human dignity, and degrades the very quality of life. If anyone thinks otherwise - please, I'm not going to dissagree. Each of you has his/her vision of life and its values, but I think with the previous idea, many would agree. As they say, to live is good, but to live a good life is even better.
"What's wrong?" - Says a stern voice alerts zealot morality. - "If you need money - go and earn money." And it is absolutely right. There is nothing better than your own money you earned (and is not received a gift, or begged from your husband, etc.). Earn by yourself and spend as you wish, you don’t have to declare how you spent it to anyone. But not every woman would get the strength and personality, that is, and this path is not for everyone.
So, there is an alternative to choose something that most suits you. Why not to try to meet a millionaire, there are a lot of opportunities nowadays. There are a lot of dating websites that can help you to meet Single Successful Men and Stunning Women. Give it a try and you will make the difference.

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