Online Dating. Advantages and Disadvantages

We live in an age of technology where people use their computers for almost any activity - to manage finances, to find a job to fit the shopping and even to find one  friend online

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 Online dating has become an increasingly popular tool to find partners, but there are many issues on which you must be careful when you decided to look for  the great love on the Internet. People can meet through specialized sites dating services through online games room for online discussions (chat rooms) or the forums.
Many users feel less stressed when they chat online with potential partners then if they are in a position to hold a face-to-face dialogue, as such there is no risk of being judged on appearances. It is also easier for a shy person to interact with others through this method, given the opportunity to stay in the shadows of anonymity offered by the Internet. When online relationships are born, these two people find it more easier to set up a serious relationships in real life, the advantage is that the partners have already learned to communicate with each other.
However, factors that make online communication more simple, are the ones that make the Internet to be a dangerous field. As long as each can hide secrets about his own person or "embellish" the truth, it is unlikely that you will learn the importance of life / with which you have chosen to talk. From the very beginning everything is based on misleading information, many come to be attached to an imaginary person.
People who are looking for a relationship via the Internet tend to become familiar with the so-called your partner without knowing him/her and the most important information about. It's easy to slip into a fantasy world and that's because every dream to have a happy relationship, giving free rein to your imagination to fill any gaps. All happiness can turn into a disappointment when, finally, the couple will meet face-to-face.
Anonymous nature of online discussions can tempt some people to afford to stay without too much thought, a lot of information about herself/himself, the information in everyday life, would not disclose so easily. If you decide to look for a partner online make sure you do not become too familiar with him / her, as many benefit from information received from users are too open.
There are stories with happy endings in the sphere of relations founded on the Internet, but most times you must be cautious as possible. You can find some compatibility between you and your partner found online but before going too far, try to learn more about it. Be sure of that when the time has come face-to-face meeting, the big event will take place in a safe public place and also be careful what you reveal about you. 

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