5 Mistakes To Avoid On The First Date

Women ignore the voice of common sense going to a first date and do a lot of mistakes. The article tells you how to avoid these mistakes on the first date.

1. Do not mention your ex. No matter what, just think, you lived with your ex for 10 years, and you know your present lover for a week. Do not mention your past relationship and even do not answer the question. Just smile and change the subject, because it can take time and it will not be a pleasant conversation. And your new lover will think something like: "She did not forget him, it is better not to see her again."

2. Tell him that you were only with three men. Your man knows that this is a beautiful lie, but if you repeat it with confidence, he will believe and assert itself in the minds of their own attractiveness and uniqueness. In addition, your new man, like any man, wants to prove that he is better than rivals, and that the most crushing pleasure you will have only be with him.

3. Clean your own profile on Facebook and other any social network. He will want to consider your beauty at different angles and if you have there pictures in the company with other men may disappoint him.

4. Do not talk about children and nephews. No man wants to hear about children on the first date. Your new man sees you as a sexy woman, and talking about children and nephews while having dinner, he immediately will imagine you a housewife who does not have time for herself.

5. Money? How rude! At the time when you accepted the invitation from your new guy, you knew he was not a millionaire and nevertheless agreed to meet him. Forget thinking about your ex, who took you to exotic countries, gave money and jewels, and on your last birthday gift, was even a super new luxury car. Your new guy will decide you are a golddigger and will use the trick with the toilet: "Forgive me dear, but my boss just has called, have to go”.

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