Signs That a Gemini Man Likes You - Secret Gemini Signs of Attraction

Catch Him & Keep Him

By Angela Varden

The signs that are Gemini man likes you tend to involve his creative and artistic side, the Gemini male also prides himself on his intelligence and is a passionate communicator. He feels most comfortable when talking about the deeper things in life rather than making small talk. He enjoys it when you ask him more about his opinions and beliefs, but if you're a little too aggressive in your questioning he might disappear back into his shell.
If the Gemini man can't stop talking when he's around you then this is a good signal that you've got his interest, he'll keep on coming with the questions and move from conversation about hobbies and interests to the meaning of life in the blink of an eye.
As I mentioned before, he's also creative and so when he creates something for you he's certainly showing his interest. Expect frequent romantic poems or songs with your name in them. Because he's such a passionate communicator you'll find that when he's attracted to you he'll contact you often and might even come up with excuses for calling you that seem a little suspicious.
When he looks deep into your eyes you can be certain that he's come to the conclusion that you're the girl for him. The intense gaze of the Gemini can make you feel an intense emotional connection with him, a connection that he also wants and needs.
Once he feels that you are more than a match for him in intelligence he'll start to declare his love to anyone that will listen. Being such a great communicator means that word will spread very quickly indeed.

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