Is it Possible to Date a Guy When He is Already Taken? Here Are Some Tips Which Will Help You

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You are miserable because the man you love is already in a relationship with another woman and you don't know what to do about it. Many women find themselves in a similar situation - the man they love is already hooked! Some of them however fight to get him especially when they feel that he is not really in love with the other woman. If you are in a position like this, try out some of these tactics to steal him from her.
Make him sit up and notice you
Don't take things lying down. So what if he has walked in with her on his arm. What you should aim to do is make him notice you. Place yourself directly in his path and make sure you look absolutely stunning. He will definitely notice you. Don't hesitate to give him a sweet and sexy smile.
Get introduced to him
It will help if you can make friends with him, This way he will get to know you better and your chances of attracting him are doubled. Make him realize that you are a fascinating woman and make intelligent conversation. He will start by admiring you and will be automatically attracted to you despite the fact that he has a woman.
Don't antagonize his woman
As far as possible don't try to antagonize his woman. If she takes an instant dislike to you - she could steer him away from you so that he does not get a chance to get a closer look at you. In stead, be friendly and charming to both of them in the beginning. She will not be on her guard and it will make things easy for you.
Look miles better than her
You have to ensure that you look, speak, act and dress better than her. This way you will automatically put her in the shade. Be quick to respond to any sort of admiration and interest he shows you. The only thing is to respond in a manner that is not obvious to her.
Create a chemistry between you and him
Slowly but surely, you should build a chemistry between the two of you. He will be excited to think that an attractive and stunning woman is willing to share vibes with him. If he is ready to respond to you he will make sure that his woman does not notice the subtle looks and signals that you send each other.
Let him know that you are interested
The best thing to do once you are sure that he too is interested, is to let him know that you are willing to carry the whole flirting-signaling thing further! Once he is sure of your feelings and knows that you are not going to reject his advances, he will take the necessary steps he needs to take to leave her and come to you.
Be confident and diligent in your efforts to get him
If you have no scruples about stealing him from his woman, then you should not hesitate in your efforts and plans to get him. If you waver and have doubts, he might just slide back into his woman's arms. He should be sure of your feelings for him. Only then he will make a decision.
By Krista Hiles

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