How to Attract Beautiful Women - 3 Ways to Establish a Connection and Make Her Want YOU

Connecting with a woman is one of the hardest things for most guys to do. And if you cannot connect with a woman, then the chances that you have of getting her to come home with you, well, let's just say that you probably have a better chance at winning the lottery. When a connection is missing between you and a woman, it ends up messing everything up, and no technique will really be able to 'save' you.

Most guys have an impression of beautiful women that is completely false. It's built on a false idea that attractive women are somehow unattainable for the average guy, and if you believe this strongly enough, it's going to kill any game that you might have with gorgeous women.

Here are 3 ways to establish a connection and make her want you:

1. Start off with the eye contact with her.

Men have a tough time when it comes to this. They don't have a clue with what to do with their eyes, and they end up becoming self conscious about this aspect, and that self conscious feeling is going to really be your downfall. When you make eye contact with a woman, it has to be REAL. Staring at her like you are actively trying to maintain eye contact with her is going to look weird. And darting your eyes around the room is going to make it seem like you are either nervous with her or have something to hide.

2. Become a story teller when you are with a woman.

Stories are a great way to build a bond or a rapport with a woman. Through a well told story, you take her through a series of emotions, and you can also reveal a little about yourself without looking like you are trying to brag about yourself. The story has to be a good one, the way that you tell the story has to capture her attention, and it cannot make you look like a goofball.

3. Use physical contact as a way to make that connection a little stronger.

When used the right way, physical contact with a woman can be a POWERFUL way to build a FAST connection with a woman. The problem is, though, that most guys use physical contact as more of a way to "cop a feel," than they do to build a real connection with a woman. You don't want to be reaching for her backside right away, if what you want to do is to make a bona fide connection with her. Other forms of touching a woman, more discreet and more subtle, will do a LOT more for you in terms of creating rapport with her, and even sparking real attraction.
By Chris Tyler 

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