How to Meet Girls Online (And Be Successful at It)

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By Jake McMurphy
So where do you go to meet girls online? Are there any places that are better than others?
Without even stepping foot outside of your home you can meet women! How? Why, just fire up the old computer, log onto the information super-highway and meet girls online! It's that easy.
The hard part is being successful at it.
There are lots of sites where you can meet women. Facebook, Myspace, Omegle, etc. but they aren't the best because most women aren't there to meet men romantically. They just like to use their page to keep up to date with their friends and share photos and recent experiences.
They're not the best places to meet women looking for any type of relationship.
Where Do You Go To Meet Girls Online Who Are Looking For Romance?
There are about a gazillion dating sites online. Where better to find women looking for love than on sites designed to put people together.
So first things first, you want to find a good site and join it. There are lots of paid sites such as eHarmony, Match, and but there are also some good free sites like,,,, and more.
Your best chance for success is to pick a very popular FREE site that gets lots of visitors. So find one you like, sign up (which takes less than fifteen minutes), verify your email and get started.

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Setting Up Your Profile
When you want to successfully meet girls online you want to make sure you create a FULLY complete profile including how you define yourself (who you are, what you like, etc.). Don't be shy. Be up front and honest. As they always say, honesty is the best policy.
Making Contact
Make good use of the chat and email functions on the dating site. Send a few messages to women you are interested in. Don't only focus on one person because you can't tell if she will respond so send out several emails (don't put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak). If you want to be really bold and really up your chances to meet girls online send out as MANY emails as you possibly can. The law of averages will be on your side then (the more you send out the better chance you will have of receiving a response).
Patience Is A Virtue
Some women may respond right away and others may not respond for a month. So don't get upset if you send out 100 emails and only get 2 responses the next day. You may get many more that trickle in over the next few weeks. So be patient. You could always GO CRAZY and sign up for several dating websites and send out 100 emails per site. That way you'll have hundreds if not thousands of emails out there (which would really increase your chances of success).
Play It Cool
One way to stand out above the crowd is to actually READ the girl's profile before you send her a message. Know her likes and dislikes and craft your email so that it addresses them. Make her know that you're interested in her as a a person and not just a picture you glanced at before you fired off an email. Make the email fit the "personality" of her profile. Get an idea for what she's looking for and try and make your email fit.
Don't LIE though. Don't be fake. Just tint the email language with a little bit of her own profile personality. This will make you stand out from all of the other guys who may have sent her a message.
Follow the above advice and most of all, have fun! When you're trying to meet girls online you need to go at it like an exciting game. If you're too serious women will sense it (women do NOT like desperation or someone who's overly serious about "meeting"). So keep it light and keep it fun and you'll meet a woman online before you know it!

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